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Software development is our core business!

Software development doesn’t completely rely on the programmers who do the work. It also requires transparent processes and specific domain knowledge to deliver in excellence!
Add flexible project managers and a disciplined QA-team and nothing will stand in your way to successfully achieve your goals!

As a professional software development company that develops and supplies products for the civil construction area, we would like to share our experience and knowledge that we gathered while delivering successful projects and products to our customers for more than 35 years.

How do we work at In-shore?  Request presentation!

In-shore <in-sho-re> this term defines project based cooperation with development teams from Moldova and Romania according to a clearly defined and efficient concept. The project never leaves your office, while our experts become a part of your team for the complete project duration, without noticeable physical, communicative or cultural barriers! We can also visit you in your office for integration and delivery purposes! For free!


Call us now and find out everything you wanted to know about software development with In-shore!

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New office in Romania!

Because of the local spread in the recruitment and an increasing demand from our customers for a branch office in the European region, In-shore opened another branch office starting from June 1, 2014, in Iasi, Romania.

Low cost – not low quality!

The problem of increasing skills shortages in the IT sector is a growing problem.

Within one year (2012 – 2013), the number of vacancies has doubled nationwide from 20,000 to 40,000. Ready-made solutions are neither to be found inside nor outside the German borders of the German language area.

QA and testing is a must!

Testing software is one of our core activities. Our QA department was supplemented recently with by another professional QA-Manager. This means we are in the position of providing you quick and reliable support in the creation of your test cases. Adding a certified tester to your project not only secures your software and your company, but also your image.

In-shore specialists on site!

One of the most significant advantages of Nearshoring compared to Offshoring is the relatively small distance between the customer and the development team. The lack of distinguished cultural differences and a relaxed time zone difference are some of the key-criterias for the selection of a suitable partner for a long term cooperation.